All eligible applications will receive feedback.

Expert Review PanelSelection Committee

Peer to Peer Review

During peer-to-peer review, each applicant will score and comment on five other applications using four criteria: game-changing, equitable, bold and actionable. These are the same criteria that the expert review panel will use. In addition to evaluating each application on the four criteria in the scoring rubric, peer-to-peer reviewers will also provide a final numerical score, ranging between 0-100, representing an overall impression of the entire application. Peer-to-peer reviewers are asked to carefully read the applications assigned to them and provide meaningful feedback. Scores will be calculated using an algorithm that ensures all applicants are treated fairly. Based on the rank order of scores, a subset of applications will move forward to the expert review panel.

Expert Review Panel

The expert review panel members have been carefully chosen for their commitment to racial equity, their knowledge and experience. They will each provide scores and comments on the applications assigned to them. Each application will receive five sets of reviews that have been statistically normalized to ensure fairness.

Muna AbuSulayman

Thought Leader

Ellen Agler

Chief Executive Officer, The END Fund

Michael Aguhar

Program Director, Crossroads Fund

Kehinde Ajayi

Economist, World Bank's Africa Gender Innovation Lab

Dania Al Masri

Co-Founder, Deeds Development Consultancy

Naif ALObaid

Executive Director, Shefa Fund

Eleanor Allen

CEO, Water for People

Kate Anderson

Founder & Director, Unbounded Associates

Alexis Anderson-Reed

CEO, State Voices

Irissol Arce

Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Northwestern Mutual

Belinda Archibong

Assistant Professor of Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University

Emily Arnold-Fernandez

President & CEO, Asylum Access

Dwayne Ashley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Philanthropic Consulting, LLC

Martha Bailey

Professor of Economics, University of California-Los Angeles

Supriya Baily

Associate Professor of Education, George Mason University

Jeannine Balfour

Senior Program Officer, Domestic Programs, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Lawrence Bancroft

President & CEO, Bivium Capital Partners

Gilda Barabino

President, Olin College of Engineering

Mindee Barham

Chief Development Officer, Grameen America

Ellen Barry

Director of Fund Development & Contracts of Restorative Justice, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

Audrey Battu

Director of Essential Medicines, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc.

Sarah Beiderman

Chief of Staff, Friends of the Children

BJ Bell

Director, Performance Measurement & Attribution, BlackRock

Pamela Benson Owens

President & CEO, Edge of Your Seat Consulting, Inc.

David Bickham

Principal & Founder, Bickham Innovation Catalysts, LLC

Sharon Bissell

Feminist Grantmaker & Human Rights Strategist

Meghan Blake

Director of Foundation Relations, MSI

Lisa Bohmer

Director, Global Early Childhood Development Initiative, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Melissa Boteach

Vice President for Income Security & Child Care/Early Learning, National Women's Law Center

Sarah Bouchie

Head of Global Programmes, Lego Foundation

Janis Bowdler

President, JPMorgan Chase & Co Foundation

Melissa Bradley

Managing Partner, 1836 Ventures

Rose Brewer

The Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of African American & African Studies, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Nzinga Broussard

Senior Director of Analytics, Global Innovation Fund

Zoe Bush

Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia

Kimberlin Butler

Sr. Director of Foundation Engagement, Mathematica

Brenda Butler


Amanda Cage

CEO & President, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Diana Campoamor

Founder, Nuestra America Fund

Rachel Cantave

Assistant Professor of International Affairs, Skidmore College

Sueli Carneiro

Founder & Director, Geledés Instituto da Mulher Negra

Sarah Carthen Watson

Legal Director, Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center

Kartik Chandran

Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Engineering, Columbia University

Elena Chavez Quezada

Vice President of Programs, San Francisco Foundation

Lanyan Chen

Professor of Social Welfare & Social Development, Nipissing University

Trenita Childers

Author, Researcher, American Institutes for Research

Stacey Choe

Director, Asia Philanthropy Circle

Elizabeth Christopherson

President & CEO, Rita Allen Foundation

Fahreen Chudasama

Consultant, International Development

Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld

CEO & Co-Founder, MiracleFeet

Katharine Cooley

Economic Growth Program Manager, The Palladium Group

Colleen Copple

Principal, Strategic Applications International

Maria Emilia Correa

Co-Founder, Sistema B

Stephanie Cosner

Dean of College of Social Sciences, Policy and Practice, Simmons University

Mary Crock

Professor of Public Law, Director, Sydney Centre for International Law, The University of Sydney Law School

Jyarland Daniels

President & Founder, Harriet Speaks

Sheldon Danziger

President, Russell Sage Foundation

Maria Dautruche

Senior Advisor, National Urban League

Florence Davis

President, The Starr Foundation

Mena Davis

Executive Director, All Things Women, Inc.

Susan Jin Davis

Chief Sustainability Officer, Comcast Corporation

Joost de Laat

Professor of Economics, Utrecht University School of Economics

Ellen DeVoe

Professor, Clinical Practice, Boston University, School of Social Work

Ashwini Deshpande

Professor of Economics, Ashoka University, India

Emilia DiMenco

President & CEO, Women's Business Development Center

Marcela Diaz

Executive Director, Somos Un Pueblo Unido

Tim Diette

Professor of Economics, Washington & Lee University

Cheryl Doss

Senior Departmental Lecturer, Development Economics, Oxford University

Deirdre Drake

Executive Vice-President & Chief People Officer, UScellular Corporation

Indivar Dutta-Gupta

Co-Executive Director, Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality

Sarah EchoHawk

Chief Executive Officer, American Indian Science & Engineering Society

Soha Ellaithy

Sr. Director, Strategic Foundation Partnerships, Save the Children Federation, Inc.

Donovan Escalante

Manager Climate Finance, Climate Policy Initiative Inc.

Flavia Faugeres

Founder, LearntoFly

Jelani Favors

Associate Professor of History, Clayton State University

Michael Feigelson

Chief Executive Officer, Van Leer Group

Ruby Finlen

Philanthropy & Partnerships Manager, Greening Australia

Wayne Firestone

International Lawyer

Bettye Fletcher

Founder, Professional Associates, Inc.

Kevin Fong

Founder & President, Elemental Partners

Marina Fragata Chicaro

Manager, Applied Knowledge Department, Fundacao Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal

Meredith Freeman

Director, Alignment & Impact Investing, Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation

Jessica Fulton

Vice President, The Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies

Morning Star Gali

Project Director, Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples (RJIP)

C'Ardiss Gardner Gleser

Director of Programs & Strategic Initiatives, Satterberg Foundation

Camille Gargiso

Advisory & Consulting Services, RealHR Solutions

Oleta Garrett Fitzgerald

Southern Regional Director, Children's Defense Fund

Dreama Gentry

Executive Director, Partners for Education

Nina Gené

CEO, Jasmine Investments

Lisa George

Global Head, Macquarie Group Foundation

Jesús Gerena

CEO, Family Independence Initiative

Allyson Gibson

Justice Leader & Change Agent

Cynthia Gonzalez

Director, Community-Partnered Policy & Action Stream, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Bradford Grant

Professor, College of Engineering & Architecture, Howard University

Allison Grant Williams

Career Financial Services Professional

Alessandra Greceanu

2021 Senior Fellow, Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative

Mike Green

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, National Institute for Inclusive Competitiveness

Robert Groves

Provost, Georgetown University

María Guajardo

Professor, International Liberal Arts, Soka University

Isabel Guerrero

Founder, IMAGO Global Grassroots

Selection Committee

In partnership with Lever for Change, the selection committee will review the top-scoring submissions and select up to ten Finalists based on considerations that may include, but are not limited to, rank from the expert review panel, organizational capacity and geographic diversity. The selection of the Finalists and Awardees is at the sole discretion of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.